Wirral CCTV Drain Surveys

Wirral CCTV Drain Surveys

For most blocked drain problems, we can usually clear the blockage manually with drain rods, or using high pressure water jet units. Where there is a risk of damage, such as the block being inside or under a building, we use electro-mechanical tools which are slower, but which reduce the risk of damaging the drain. If none of these methods are effective, we investigate using a CCTV drain survey to actually see the source of the blocked drain. Our Wirral CCTV Drain Surveys puts eyes on the problem quickly and easily.

CCTV Drain Survey – Camera Survey.


A CCTV Drain Survey puts eyes on the problem, by putting a camera down the drain so we can see any potential blockages. The camera is guided through the drain with a robust cable which connects the CCTV camera to the control unit at ground level. Coupled with a locating beacon, we can accurately locate on the ground where the blockage is below our feet. We can view what the CCTV camera screen sees in real time and look for any defects in the drain. The feed from the CCTV camera is recorded for replaying later and a copy is provided for the client.


If it appears there is a serious issue such as root intrusion or a collapsed drain, our CCTV survey of your can help to establish the extent of the problem.


Wirral Water Works will assess the problem, the likely cause and the best solution and advise on preventative measures for the futurism if necessarry.


Possible causes include:


  • Collapsed drains
  • Displaced joints due to settling or subsidence
  • Root intrusion
  • Build up of fats, limescale and foreign objects


We can provide property pre purchase surveys of drains for mortgage companies or for your own peace of mind.

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