Blocked Drain Clearance

Wirral Blocked Drain Clearance | Drain Unblocking Service

Wirral Water Works’ Wirral Blocked Drain Clearance | Drain Unblocking Service specialises in drain clearance and drain unblocking services. We deal with the most usual problems such as blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked sinks, baths and showers. For our residential clients, this problem often means suffering odour and inconvenience. For our commercial clients, businesses can’t afford to suffer down time or closure due to a blocked drain.


With more than 20 years experience in the drainage industry, we believe drain clearance to be the core of our business. Whether you’re a commercial or domestic customer, we aim to provided a quick and reliable service 24hours a day, which is why we believe customers return time after time.


Using traditional and mechanical techniques, we are able to clear blocked toilets, sinks, gullies, manholes and even the most stubborn blockages.


Our skilled engineers are fully water-jetting trained and accredited to national standard to assure all tasks are carried out safely to the highest standard. Rest assured we will have you flowing in no time!


  • Water-jetting trained and accredited engineers
  • Sewage and flooding removed, leaving site clean and tidy
  • Free quotations with no hidden costs or extras

A Great Service for Everyone

Wirral Water Works offers the same unbeatable service to both residential clients and commercial clients. We unblock drains quickly, both inside and out of your property. We have the expertise, experience and reputation, and are equipped with the right tools to solve your drainage problems fast and get you up and running again in the fastest possible time.


We also provide CCTV Drain Surveys where the blockage can’t be easily located, or where there is a suspected blockage or damage.

Wirral Emergency Drain Clearance & Drain Unblocking

Wirral Water Works’ Wirral Emergency Drain Clearance & Drain Unblocking service specialises in unblocking and clearing blocked drains.


We have the expertise and equipment required to get the job done without delay, professionally and with the minimum of disruption.


Where possible, having unblocked your drain to your satisfaction we include at no extra cost a live CCTV check of the drain we have cleared which you can view on screen in real time. This demonstrates that we have done the job effectively and professionally to give you peace of mind. We hope this additional service makes us different to other drain unblocking companies who disappear as soon as the job is done and paid for.

Open all hours

If you have an emergency, call us any time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and our drainage engineers will be with you without delay. As a a local Wirral company it means you won’t have to wait long for a local engineer to clear your blockage. We understand that when you report an emergency we will do our utmost to ensure we are with you as soon as physically and practically possible. We will give you an expected time of arrival and do our utmost to to keep to that time. If we are delayed for any reason we will let you know and keep you updated.

Spot the Warning Signs:

There are numerous signs of a blocked drain which are obvious from smell or vision. It is always better, and often cheaper, to react before problems become worse.


  • Some of the early signs of a blockage are:
  • Bad odours indoors or outdoors
  • Slow draining or rising water in the toilet pan which slowly drains away to the normal level
  • Slow draining of water in a basin, sink or bath


An overflowing toilet or manhole is amongst many people’s worst dreads, so call Wirral Water Works as soon as you see or smell any of these early warning signs.

Whose responsibility are the drains?

Responsibility for maintenance and repair of private sewers has changed since October 2011.


After October 2011 the Government transferred some private sewers into the ownership of the statutory water and sewerage companies. It means that homeowners are no longer responsible for:


  • Private sewers that they share with another property.
  • The section of their property’s drain that lies outside the property boundary.


However the householder still retains the ownership of and responsibility for the drain serving the property and located within the property boundary.


Not all homeowners can detect where a blockage is in the pipework but be assured that if the blockage is the responsibility of the water authorities we will help you confirm this and then advise you of the facts which will help the water authorities finish the job without any final cost to yourself.

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